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Present position : Professor & Head

E-mail: E-mail: psphy at caluniv.ac.in | parongama at gmail.com | head.physics.cu at gmail.com

Academic Qualifications
Ph.D., Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Calcutta 1993
M.Sc. (Physics), University of Calcutta, 1986 (exam held in 1987)
B.Sc. (Physics), Presidency College, Calcutta, 1984

Lecturer, College of Applied Sciences, University of Delhi,1992-94
Research Associate, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, 1994-95
Research Associate, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, 1995-96
Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Cologne, 1996-97
Lecturer, Surendranath College, Calcutta, 1997-2000
Lecturer, University of Calcutta, 2000-2005
Reader, University of Calcutta, 2005-2008
Associate Professor, University of Calcutta, 2008-till date

Research Interests
Statistical physics: phase transitions and critical phenomena in magnetic systems,
networks, quantum systems, percolation etc. Dynamical phenomena in complex
physical and social systems.


Seminars, Conferences, Symposium, Workshops etc. organised

Statphys Kolkata V, Kolkata 2004 (co-convenor)
One day seminar, Kolkata 2005 to celebrate World Year of Physics
Refresher course, University of Calcutta, 2006 on Topics of Theoretical Physics
Statphys Kolkata VI, Kolkata 2007 (co-convenor)
Statphys Kolkata VII, Kolkata 2010 (co-convenor)

Talks given in conference/symposium etc.

  1.  Ground state properties of frustrated XY model, Statphys-Kolkata I, Calcutta, 1992.
  2.  Recent results on coexistence of spanning clusters, Invited talk, C M Days, Shillong, 1997.
  3.  Spanning clusters in percolation, Invited talk, DAE symposium, Kurukshetra 1998.
  4. Quantum Phase transitions in an Ising model with a competition induced field, Invited talk, Seminar on Condensed Matter Physics, IACS, Calcutta, 2000.
  5. Quantum Stochastic Resonance in a spatially modulated field, Invited talk, Recent trends in Condensed Matter Physics, Viswabharati, Santiniketan, 2000.
  6. Small world phenomena and linear polymers, Invited talk, One day meeting on Topics of Condensed matter Physics, IIT Kharagpur 2001.
  7.  Clustering and phase transitions in Euclidean network, Invited talk, Statphys Kolkata IV, Kolkata (2002).
  8.  Phase transitions in Euclidean networks, Invited talk, Unconventional Applications of Statistical Physics, SINP, Kolkata. 2003.
  9. Accelerated networks, Invited talk, Statphys Kolkata 2004.
  10. Epidemics on Euclidean networks, Modelling infectious diseases, Invited talk, IMSc, Chennai 2006.
  11. Classical and Quantum Annealing in ANNNI model, Invited talk, Conference on Quantum Anealing, SINP, Kolkata 2005.
  12. Critical phenomena on Euclidean networks, Invited talk, Theophys07, ISI, 2007.
  13. Searching in networks, a new approach and results, Invited talk, Statphys Guwahati, 2008.
  14. Dynamical frustration and persistence in spin systems, Sigmaphi2008, Kolymbari, Greece 2008.
  15. Complexities of the earthquake network, Social Network Analysis 2009, New Delhi 2009.
  16. Funnelling effect in networks, Complex 2009, Shanghai, China 2009.
  17. Teaching computational Physics in Calcutta University, Workshop in Computational Physics, TIFR, Mumbai, 2009.
  18. Dynamics of Ising model on networks, Invited talk, Dynamics on networks, IISER Pune 2009.
  19. Navigation on complex networks, Invited talk, Indo Russian workshop on Complex network dynamics, IICB, Kolkata 2009.
  20. Dimension, Statistical Physics and Complex Networks, Colloquium talk, IIT Kanpur, 2010.
  21. Role of saving in gains and losses in kinetic models of wealth exchange, Epkol VI 2011 SINP Kolkata
  22. An agent based model with preferences in interactions, Epkol VII 2012 SINP Kolkata
  23. Statistical Physics and its modern applications, Frontiers of Physics: An Exchange of ideas on emerging direction (under SUN program), Burdwan University, 2013.
  24. Applications of Statistical Physics in interdisciplinary topics, Series of lectures in Geometry and Dynamics Summer Institute, Brandeis University, 2013.
Scientific visits of short durations:

Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (Trieste, Italy)
University of Aachen (Aachen, Germany),
University of Halle (Halle, Germany)
University of Tel-Aviv (Tel-Aviv, Israel),
Max Planck Institute of Polymers and Complex Systems (Dresden, Germany)
Polytecnico de Torino (Turin, Italy)
Padova University (Padova, Italy)
University of Illinois, Chicago (USA)
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (Mumbai, India)
Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore, India)
Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (Bangalore, India)
Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur, India)
Indian Institute of Technology (Mumbai, India)
Institute of Mathematical Science, Chennai (India).
Brandeis University (Waltham, USA)
Boston University (Boston, USA)

Other information:
Regular associate:
Abdus Salam ICTP (till 2010)
IMSc Associate (2011-2013)
Awarded APS-IUSSTF Professorship, 2012-13

Books, music, films, sports, people, nature

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